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Welcome to GLOICE!

First of all, we want to mention that your privacy is very important for us. This Privacy Policy sets out how we treat your personal data. The use of our services requires the processing of your information. It defines the types of information, which are being collected and created while you are using GLOICE. Please, read it carefully. By using GLOICE, you agree to the processing of your information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. While installing, you will be asked to agree with using certain features, for example, geolocation services and push notifications. We highly recommend turning them on because only in this case you will have GLOICE work properly and be able to get the maximum experience from using our application.

1. What is GLOICE?

GLOICE is the first geolocation-based search messenger to let users communicate and get answers from locals worldwide. This is a service for communication. GLOICE is a mobile application that works at iOS and Android devices. All activity through the platform is aimed to search for information that is known by other users. To do this, a user creates a request/question, chooses a channel that corresponds to the theme of the question, and sets a location of the users they want to ask. Other users will see the request and give their answers. For the most useful answer that is given through the request discussion, one of the users can be rewarded by the author with a special “best answer” status. The sum of “best answers” of a particular user is equal to his internal GLOICE score, which is measured in G-Coins. By active communication, users can increase their internal score and in nearest future, will be able to exchange it into extra features inside of our application.

2. What kind of personal data do we use?

GLOICE uses cell phone numbers as unique identifiers for accounts. To start using GLOICE, you have to create your personal account. For this, you provide the name of your country, your cell phone number, and your first name. First name is enough to be used as a username. Providing some extra information, such as your last name and profile picture, is not obligatory but, if set, will be used as a part of your profile data and will be visible for other users. We don’t require your first and last names to be your real name. We consider the information about your cell phone number and country as private and don’t reveal it to other users. Only your name and profile picture will be available for other users. As we use an internal reward and score system, every user will have its personal score of GLOICE coins. By default, every user will start with zero balance on its score account. We store some information about your activity on GLOICE and make it public for other users: we show the story of your requests and best answers, which increased the balance of your score account. We also show to other users the time when your account was created – in the format “user since”.

2.1. Location data

By location data, we mean a piece of information that we receive from your GPS, Wi-Fi, compass, IP address, or public access point that contain location data. You will share your location information with other GLOICE users and us when:

2.1.1. You create a new request and fill the “Location” field with the “Current location” value.

2.1.2. You send your current location as an attachment in your request or as a part of your message to other users.

2.1.3. You activate your geolocation button in the keyboard panel and mark all your messages with a special icon – geolocation stamp. When you activate this geolocation mode for your messages, users will see a small geolocation bullet near your message and will be able to use this bullet as a hyperlink that will lead them to the map with your location. It would be a location you were in at the moment you created a message. It will not change its position even if you move to another place. This only works when you activate the geolocation button on the keyboard and stops working when you deactivate it. In the moment of activation, you will get a message from GLOICE, which will inform you about the meaning of your action.

2.1.4. You send a request to the server to receive messages from other users in a particular region of the world. At this point, you send the coordinates of the entire location, the size of which will be determined by the settings of the message receiving radius.

2.2. Log data

By log data, we consider some types of information that corresponds to your activity while using GLOICE:

2.2.1. Time when you enter GLOICE. We save this information into a log file. 

2.2.2. The story of your requests, you created while using GLOICE. 

2.2.3. The list of your “best answers” during the discussions of requests of other users. By “best answers”, we mean the answers, you were rewarded for by other users. The quantity of your “best answers” is equal to your internal GLOICE score.

2.2.4. Your internal GLOICE score as a symbol of your efficiency and cooperation with other users. 

2.2.5. The content you mark with “like” icon we store in special files in order to provide you with this content if you might need it in future.

2.2.6. The list of requests of other users, in which you participated.

3. Purpose of data processing

We described different types of personal data that we use. The major objectives for data processing are:

  • To make GLOICE functional features work properly; 
  • To create and log in to a GLOICE user account; 
  • To verify your identity;  
  • To provide you with location-based services; 
  • To provide you with user support; 
  • To provide language and location customization; 
  • To develop new and customize/improve existing services; 
  • To provide you with features for effective communication; 
  • To use this data for GLOICE internal operations (such as troubleshooting, account management, testing, research, security, data analysis, and fraud-detection); 
  • To facilitate the sharing of media content; 
  • To provide you with better service and new experience of communication.

4. Editing of your personal information

Once you are done with the registration of your account and your data has been saved, you can always make changes in order to increase or decrease the amount of information you want to share with other users. For this reason, you can delete or change your profile picture, edit your first and last name, and even delete your requests and private messages from the feed.

5. Where do we store the data?

GLOICE is using cloud technologies to store its data. Biggest data centers of hosting providers reside in Amsterdam, Bangalore, Frankfurt, London, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, and Toronto. Servers work on powerful Hex Core machines with dedicated ECC Ram and RAID SSD storage. Furthermore, they offer private networking among the VMs for running database clusters.

6. Who do we share your information with?

We use third parties for support services, such as SMS service providers for account authorization algorithms, push notifications provider, mapping services, hosting provider for data storage. We use these third party services only to process or store your information for the purposes described in this policy. We share information only with third parties, which are being necessary for the implementation of GLOICE key features and make them run smoothly.

7. Public discussions

GLOICE supports public channels and public discussions of requests. Requests can be created by any user with the aim to receive an answer/piece of advice from locals. All communication between users in request room is visible not only for the participants of the discussion but to all other users who can enter into a channel and/or request room. 

8. Special services we need on your cell phone

8.1. Geolocation services

Only with geolocation services turned on at your cell phone you will have application fully functioning. It will make GLOICE work properly and receive and send messages according to your location. GLOICE uses geolocation services of the cell phone when you create new request; enter a channel to read the requests of other users; work with the radius settings and maps; send your geolocation to other users. In other words, GLOICE needs your geolocation in some cases while the application is running and never uses it in the background. Your geolocation is not available for other users in real-time. Other users can identify your location only when you send it as an attachment or when you activate the geolocation stamp button on the keyboard panel. When this button is activated, you will get an announcement from the application, and other users will see a small geolocation bullet near your message. When you create a new request, you pick up the location of other users to be asked, but they don’t see your exact location unless you send it as a part of your request.

8.2. Push notifications

In some cases, push notifications on your cell phone can be used for secure login into the GLOICE account. They are also commonly used to update you about new personal events in your GLOICE account: personal message, new answer in your request, obtaining a new GLOICE coin for the best answer.

9. Positive attitude in communication

Make the most of your GLOICE experience by respecting other users. The key idea is a friendly attitude and helping others to find the best answers for their requests. Respect private information of other users, that was revealed for you during communication with them. Violating this rule or rude manners may cause a temporary or permanent loss of GLOICE account privileges. In case of more serious violations, your account may be banned. 

10. EEA Privacy Rights

If you use GLOICE from the EEA, you have certain rights regarding your personal information, subject to local law. These include the following rights: to access your personal information, to restrict our use of your personal information, to delete the information we store about you, to erase your personal information, to receive your personal information in a common electronic format and transmit it to a third party (right to data portability), to lodge a complaint with your local data protection authority. If you would like to find out more or exercise such rights, please contact us at support@gloice.net. We will contact you if we need additional information from you in order to honor your requests.

11. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may review and make some updates into this Privacy Policy. Any kind of changes that we do will become effective when we publish them on our website on page www.gloice.net/privacy_policy. Please, follow our website in order to see all the updates and changes to the Privacy Policy.