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What is GLOICE for?
GLOICE lets users communicate and get answers from locals worldwide
What is uniqe about GLOICE?
GLOICE is the only messenger that allows users to communicate with people based on their locations not on their contact details
What does the name GLOICE stand for?
GLOICE was created by combining two words Global and Voice.
"Global" shows the company's aspiration to become a globally used platform with no boundaries.
"Voice" reflects the attitude of the company to every person on the planet as an invaluable carrier of unique knowledge and experience.
How can I ask a question?
Open GLOICE App on your device:
1. Create a request and type in your message
2. Choose a Channel which corresponds to the theme of your question
3. Set the Location of the users to be asked. DONE!
How can I answer other users' questions?
Open GLOICE App on your device:
1. Go to either the "Feed" or "Channels" button at the bottom of your screen and look through existing requests.
2. Choose the request you are able to answer and share your knowledge
To change your preferred Channels and Locations go to Settings --> Channels, Radius Settings or Favourite location list.
What do I need to use GLOICE?
To use GLOICE you need an iPhone device or an Android device.
Get from App Store if you own an iPhone Device
Get from Play Store if you own an Android Device
How can I leave feedback or share my opinion about GLOICE?
We would appreciate your feedback about the app. Please, open the app and go to Settings ---> Contact us
or go to the Contact page and leave a message there
What is G-coin?
GLOICE coin refers to an internal reward system.
For the best answer that was given through the request discussion, the author of the request has a right to reward a user for the best answer with a G-coin. Each user has their internal GLOICE score with is measured with G-coins. The more G-coins users earn, the higher their score is. By active communication, users can increase their internal score and, in nearest future, will be able to exchange G-coins for extra features inside GLOICE App.
What is your Privacy Policy?
We have made a clear and concise Privacy Policy that you can read here.
Cannot find your answer?
Call us, write to us or come to see us in our office :-)